Artefx has various options for retailers interested in offering Artefx products to their customers.  To find out more about any of the programs detailed below, simply contact us to be directed to the appropriate Artefx representative.
Drop Ship/Special Order
Artefx welcomes single item orders, either shipped to your store as a special order or shipped directly to your customer as part of our Drop Ship program.
Stocking Program from US Warehouse
For retailers interested in maintaining a small inventory of Artefx products, we offer our stocking program from our US Warehouse in Los Angeles, CA.  Orders ship within 5 days either via your own shipping carrier or take advantage of our door-to-door program which guarantees a delivered price to your door.
Cross-Dock for Large Orders less than Full Containers
Retailers interested in larger quantity orders without having to commit to a full container or the hassle of landing products can take advantage of our Cross-Dock program.  Artefx will place your order on one of our containers and then truck your order anywhere in the US.
Direct Container
Artefx has the capacity to produce your single or multiple container order of any desired image in our library.  We also offer product development and private label services.